Alfred Hugh Harman

Alfred Hugh Harman
(b. 1841; d. 23 May 1913)

Harman’s name is relatively little known in history of photography circles, which is perhaps unkind, for his contribution to photography was considerable, having been the founder, in 1879, of the photographic manufacturing business which eventually came to be known as Ilford Limited.

He started up business at the age of 22, in Peckham, South London. Four years later he was advertising a service providing enlargements using solar cameras and artificial light.

In 1879 he gave up this business to concentrate on the manufacture of dry plates. He chose Ilford, Essex for the setting up of a company, originally known as the Britannia Works, and this eventually became known as “Ilford”, employing thousands of people.

One of Harman’s employees was John Houson who was responsible for producing the “Ilford Manual of Photography” which continues to this day.


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