Louis-Auguste Bisson
was born in 1814 and die in 1876.
Auguste-Rosalie Bisson
b. 1826; d. 1900

Louis  opened up a photographic studio in the early 1841, and soon after, his brother Auguste entered into partnership with him. Their studio was in the Madeleine in Paris, and they became famous as the Bisson Brothers.

In 1860 Napoleon invited them to accompany him as he visited the province of Savoy. These two brothers produced some superb images of the scenery. Encouraged by the response to his work, the following year Auguste ascended Mount Blanc, which is the highest mountain in the Alps, of  the European Union. It rises 4,810.45 m which is like(15,782 feet. the  expedition took twenty-five porters only to carry all his equipment (think about that next time you complain about carrying a tripod to shoot landscape). He was the first Photographer that camptured images of the summit.

The quality of the pictures, made almost entirely using the Collodion process, was remarkable, as was the size of the negatives  30cm x 40cm like 12″ x 16″
The Bisson brothers only practiced for some four years. By this time the Carte-de-visite era was in full swing, and the brothers saw little point in reducing the finely detailed images to such a small size. in fact they refused to do it. Eventually they went out off business as a result.

A famous work attributed to these pioneers was a photograph of the known pianist and composer Frederic Chopin. The origin of the portrait has never been properly verified in consecuense, the image was excluded from the ‘Les freres Bisson Photographes’ exhibition at the Bibliotheque Nationale in 1999.


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