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Charles Clifford
(b. 1819 d. Jan 1, 1863)

Clifford was born in Wales, and lived in Madrid from 1850. He was also an outstanding photographer of Spanish scenery and architecture. His album “Vistas del Capricho” (1856) has some fifty pictures, some of the Palace at Guadalajara, some from the palace at Canillejas, near Madrid.
The vast bulk of his work can be found at the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid. The Royal Palace has some, and the Prado in Madrid has one.
And at this point there appear to be two versions of his appointment. A popular view is that he was appointed Court Photographer to Queen Isabela II, and that she sent Clifford to London to take a portrait of Queen Victoria. (Incidentally, this picture which depicts the Queen wearing a diamond coronet, was felt by many to be a welcome change from the many “homely” portraits which others had made.)
However, there is evidence that suggests that, far from being court photographer to the Spanish Queen, he was a photographer who worked for Queen Victoria, but worked mainly in Spain.


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