April 22nd, Opening schedule of “Hombres de Arcilla” (Men if Clay) at The Point Campus, 1391 Lafayette Ave, 10474, Bronx NY.

DIRECTIONS: Please note that this is NOT the Point Campus on 940 Garrison Avenue. The best ways to get to the Point Campus on Lafayette are the 6 train to Hunts Point, the Bx6 bus to Hunts Point, or walking from the 2/5 train at Intervale Avenue.

ABOUT THE LOCATION: The Point Campus on Lafayette has a gallery, where my art will be installed. The performances, however, will be taking place outside in a large patio. We do have a large tent (so we are ok in case of rain), but haven’t confirmed a stage yet.

There will be a very simple PA system with a few microphones, as well as a projector and a white screen for showing photos, videos, etc. However, there is NO Wifi at the Point, so if you are planning to show a video, I highly recommend that you bring it on a DVD or USB.

Below is a tentative schedule. I would like to publish this schedule on Friday the 14th, so please let me know if your timeslot works for you. If it does not work for you, please let me know, so that I can make changes.

From 5:00pm to 10:00pm – Everybody is welcome to visit the art exhibit “Hombres de Arcilla” (Men of Clay), masks by Alberto Villalobos and portraits of the 43 students by Miguel Ángel Mendóza

From 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Welcome words from Yolanda Rodríguez (BxArts Factory) and Carey Clark (The Point),
Welcome by Alberto Villalobos
Miguel A. Mendoza (his son Cosobi will play a song on the guitar),
Mazarte Dance Company dancing “Quetzales” (about 10min)

7:00 to 8:00pm

Juan Kanagui will do some poetry (10 min)
Julieta Méndez singing (15-20min)
Ballet Folclórico de la Revolución (short 10min workshop) and dance with a video projection (10min).

8:00 to 9:00pm

Zelene Pineda will do some poetry (about 10 min)
Presentation of the short film by Semillas Colectivo: “Trataron de Enterrarnos pero No Sabían que Eramos Semillas” (video duration is about 12 min),
Discussion with Antonio Tizapa (father of Antonio Tizapa Leguideño, 10-15 min).


Performance by Outernational (“El Desafiante”, a song dedicated to the 43 students)
Performance by Villalobos Brothers (“Hombres de Arcilla”, a song dedicated to activists in Mexico)

Muchas gracias a todos por tu apoyo! Les envio un fuerte abrazo y nos saludamos pronto! If you would like to come check out the space/volunteer/help out installing and preparing for the event, I will be on location this Saturday and Sunday from 11am-8pm both days.

Who is who:
Carey Clark, director of The Point, event organizer.
Yolanda Rodríguez, founder and Director of BxArtsFactory, event organizer.
Laura Álvarez, founder of BxArts Factory, event organizer.
Alberto Villalobos, artist of “Hombres de Arcilla”, musician (with Villalobos Brothers), event organizer.
Meagan Van Ahn, visual artist, and event organizer.
Zelene Pineda, poet and leader of Colectivo Semillas.
Antonio Tizapa, father of Antonio Tizapa Leguideño, one of the 43 missing students from Guerrero.
Juan Kanagui, poet and manager of Villalobos Brothers (VB) will be MC for the night.
Quincy Saul, activist, and leader of EcoSocialist Horizons, will also be the MC for the night.
Julieta Méndez, singer and activist.
María Muratalla, director of Ballet Folclórico de la Revolución.
Miguel Ángel Mendoza, painter (his portraits of the 43 missing students will also be on display as part of the exhibit)
Miles Solay, leader of Outernational, will sing “El Desafiante” (a song dedicated to the 43 students)
Luis Villalobos, leader of Villalobos Brothers
Ernesto Villalobos, leader of Villalobos Brothers
Humberto Flores, leader of Villalobos Brothers
BamBam Rodríguez, bassist performing with Villalobos Brothers
Arturo Stable, percussionist performing with Villalobos Brothers

Alberto Villalobos
Musical Director & Visual Artist