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Yes Innercitytimes have created an powerful friend in the old town district of Portland Oregon. Floy’s Old town cafe has become a Innercitytimes space. Little by little Innercity will offer the same cultural programs in downtown Portland just like did in New York. Events, writers workshops and art exhibitions of Hispanic or heritage Hispanic artists will take place at Floy’s during 2019. 
Innercitytime is looking for hispanic photographers who like to show their work. Every month Floy’s caffe will have a different artist curated by innercitytimes. interested in participated? Please contact us and will send you the information.  

Innercitytimes ahora tiene una nueva alianza en Portland Oregon en la sección de old town downtown. Floy’s Old town cafe es anfitrión de Innercitytimes eventos y programas culturales. Poco a poco Innercity ofrecerá talleres para escritores, exhibiciones de arte y eventos con un formato de micrófono abierto en New York. Estos programas tomaran lugar en Floy’s durante el 2019. 
Innercitytimes  principalmente esta buscando fotógrafos hispanos que quieran mostrar su trabajo. Cada mes  Floy’s coffee old town un artista curado por innercitytimes. Interesado en participar? Por favor contactanos para mandarte las reglas e información de como preparar tu exhibición.