Jacques-Henri Lartigue
b. 13 June 1894;
d. 12 September 1986

Lartigue was a French photographer, largely unknown until he was in his seventies, when he was immediately dubbed the “discovery of the century.” He started taking pictures at the age of six, and one of his most famous pictures was taken at Grand Prix in 1912 when he was aged eighteen. In this picture he panned the camera so that the car is sharp. The elliptical shape of the wheel and the angle at which the spectators were standing are due to the fact that Lartigue used a focal-plane shutter. He had obviously panned the camera to keep the vehicle sharp; whether the effect caused by the focal-plane shutter was intended or whether it was the result of a lucky accident we are not told!
Lartigue’s interest in photography waned after the First World War, in favor of painting.


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