bere 9Guest Music Artist: Valente Arana
boatriz-4Guest Visual Artist: Beatriz López Paola Andrea Emhardt
IMG_1257Guest Story teller: Dany Rodriguez
look againGuest Film: Look Again (Snow Dance International festival Winner )
ariel cateringCatering Services: Special Thanks to Mixcoatl for providing great Mexican appetizers for the event.

Guest Lectures: 16

    Ganadores de Rifa:

  • Raffle: Book – Ensayo Fotográfico Algarabias (Jenny Peñaherrera)
  • Raffle: Weekly book (Rincón de las palabras) – Metamorfosis (Guadalupe Gonzalez Prado) Poster: (Benjamin Mora)


Watch Brooklyn Independent Media ( April 21, 3:00pm )

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  • Channel 68 Cable Vision
  • Channel 83 RCN
  • Channel 43 Verizon FiOS
  • Stream it direct from channel 2 on the website at Brooklyn Public Network


Special thanks to Beatriz López, Nique Chalarca, Berenice Garza, Lucía Reyes for sharing their photographs from the event.