oscarGuest Music Artist: Oscar Luna
15Guest Visual Artist: Berenice Garza
all the sameShort Film: “All are the Same” Director Miguel A. Rueda, Producción Jimena Salmargo
IMG_0887Guest Story teller: Rexorzs Payasito
culebreroGuest Performance: Wilmar Saldarriaga “El Culebrero desde el Amazonas”

Guest Lectures: 23

Ganadores de Rifa:

  • Rifa: Libro Fotografía, Arquitectura e KALO. Ganadora: Juanita Lara.


Watch Brooklyn Independent Media ( MAY 21, 3:00pm )

  • Chanel 79 Time Warner
  • Channel 68 Cable Vision
  • Channel 83 RCN
  • Channel 43 Verizon FiOS
  • Stream it direct from channel 2 on the website at Brooklyn Public Network


Special Thanks to Beatriz Lopez and Berenice Garza for sharing their photography from the event.