Music Guests: Singer and composer David Aguilar touring in the USA and Singer and composer Oscar Luna who will open the concert with his new material
Short Film “Short Steps”:

Written and directed by Laura Aguinaga Film by Repressed memories resurface, forcing Eric (Juan-Pablo Veza) to relive a moment he can not change. Eric now has to make a bold decision on whether he should move on from his wife Lyna (Rachel Cora) in order to take the short steps needed to be with his new potential interest Julie (Cristina Cote).
Performance “Eve Maya”:

Escritora y artista uatemalteca Eveliyn Hernandez presento un performance entre el sincretisto de e los origenes de su cultura y su vida en Nueva York. Musicalizacion Alejandro IV Barragan
Noemi Gasparini: Noemi Gasparini Gonzalez grew up in an artistic and musical home. At a young age, she picked up the violin and the piano later on. Her life is now dedicated to sharing her experiences of being through music-making. Living in France, United Kingdom, Mexico and currently New York has inspired her to open up to various styles – she plays classical, modern and contemporary music as well as jazz and traditional. Noemi is also a passionate cook and a lover of nature, art and craft.
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