You would be interested to know that there are still people that take pride in spending eight hours in a quiet dark corner to achieve what someone with a laptop can do in a quarter of that time. Do technology create something better? well… All depends how you see it. But if you are one of those individuals or you would like to explore the world of these individuals hiding in the dark. Kudos!

In a digital era where technology makes all our demands available to our immediate command you choose to hide from the sun and immerse in a world of darkness and meditation. You invest your time to create one image or none in one day. People will call you crazy and probably you are. But rather be crazy and happy than overwhelm and developing back problems siting behind of computers all day. No matter what people say about darkroom activities these days this is a part of photography is not going away without a fight. if you don’t believe me ask those guys still doing daguerreotypes.

This section is for you to explore the basics and techniques of a sacred place of creativity call Darkest Room.